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The Mindset that is Keeping Most Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Stuck

The Mindset that is Keeping Most Pet Sitting Business Owners Stuck

Today our topic is the mindset keeping most pet sitting business owners stuck. I have the honor every week of speaking to pet sitters from all walks of life. People in the United States, people in other countries, people at all different levels in their business, and one common theme that I have identified is keeping pet sitters stuck came across in an application on my desk.

I had a session with the pet sitter yesterday, and she just put it so perfectly on her application, where it says, what are the biggest obstacles stopping you from taking your business to the next level? This business owner wrote “To work all of the time because I don’t want to pay for help. And two, I don’t trust others to do an awesome job.” So what happens with this type of mindset? This business owner gets stuck working in their business. So I’m here to help shift those with a similar mindset.

The people you hire are hiring to make you money.

Your pet sitters, your team, dog walkers, and cat sitters on your dream team are generating revenue for your company. You can service so many more customers because you have that support team in place. That’s the first thing. It’s not money out the door. They’re creating more money for you.

The trust issue is a story that your brain is telling you.

It’s the story that we tell ourselves, I certainly did for many, many years, that my clients only want me to do the pet sitting. They will not want to use my service if I hire or contract the work to somebody on my team, and I don’t think they’re going to do as good of a job as me.

Here’s the bottom line, it is a story. This is a story that your brain is telling you, and your ego is telling you to keep you small, to keep you safe. I said to myself that for way too long, and it took me forever to start hiring, and I was stuck for a long time.

Many people out there will take amazing care of your client’s pets.

Pet Sitting Business Owners are often hesitant to hire support.

How you find them, you need to set up your attraction system, you need to set up your assessment system, and you need to set up an excellent onboarding system so that by the time they go out to work for you, they are going to be such valuable members of your team.

You may have some clients that say, well, you’re not going to be doing it anymore, then no, I’m not going to use your service. But I’m telling you that is such a small, small percentage. Listen, I went through it myself. Every week, I work with pet sitting business owners to tackle this mindset and make that leap into hiring.

I know they had the same experience. One, maybe two clients decide not to continue, but truth be told, most of the clients are happy for you and that you are growing your business and that you have found amazing people and sell the benefit of it. This is so great. If anybody gets sick, if an emergency happens, and a sitter gets stuck on the road, we always have a backup for you and your precious pets.

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