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The Biggest Mistake I See With Pet Sitting Website Design

Going back when I started helping pet sitters grow their businesses and I would start reviewing their websites, they were really bad because back then, it was difficult to get a nice website created. Now, there are all types of really inexpensive platforms that you can use to build your own website, or you can have one made for a minimal amount of money. They’re looking much better, but the number one mistake I see when I review anyone’s website is that they lack video.

Even my students who will go through my Launch and Grow program are in my Multiply Mastermind; this is a mindset thing with them. They say, “Colleen, I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.”

And my answer is, “Act anyway.”

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I’ve had to do all types of things over the years that I didn’t want to, video is one of them, by the way. But this is what will create the know, like, and trust factor.

When a prospect hits your website, if you have a video above the fold where you are talking face to camera about you and your pet care values and philosophy, that will create a subconscious emotional connection. And you are going to be 50 times more likely to convert your visitors into someone that joins your email list and then put them into a sales funnel to convert them into a paying customer so that you can change their lives through your amazing pet care service.

The number one mistake I see is no video on the website. I also use videos with all the sitters on my team. When a new sitter joins the team, we get their video and write-up. Then when they are assigned to a customer, we email the customer with the video.

Creating that subconscious connection right from the get-go before the sitter even goes over to meet the family and their pets.

Get creative with this. TikTok is like the biggest thing out there right now. You can get creative. Or if you’re super shy, that’s okay. Don’t be scared.

And always go to my website, You can check out my video there and the video of all the pet nannies that are on my team.

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