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The #1 Mistake Pet Sitters Make When Expanding Their Territory

The biggest mistake I see when pet sitters want to expand is today’s topic. I coached my multiply mastermind group last night on this topic. I go through the 12 steps they need to do when they are ready to expand.

Before I even started teaching the expansion formula, I let everybody know that the biggest mistake that I see is pet sitters getting excited about the opportunity of expansion, but they haven’t done the work that they need to do on their current territory.

In the multiply mastermind program, I teach you the seven activators that you need to have to create consistent results in your business, generating $10,000 or more a month. Everything is running like a well-oiled machine. When that is running consistently, you can duplicate it into different territories.

Most pet sitters expand too fast, and they haven’t done the behind-the-scenes work that they need to get done on the current business and their current territory.

It never turns out good. Then they get disappointed in the results, and then they stay where they are.

Create a business machine that consistently brings you new clients daily.

You are consistently building your support team. You have a manager who can help you with behind-scenes, scheduling, administrative tasks.

The #1 Mistake Pet Sitters Make When Expanding Their Territory

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