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Lucrative Pet Sitting Careers Super Bundle

7 Top Flight Strategies For Getting All The Pet Sitting Clients You Need


9 Secrets to Building a Stellar Team of Pet Sitters


No matter where you are in the lifecycle of being a pet sitter, this bundle will provide you with immense value.

7 Top Flight Strategies For Getting All The Pet Sitting Clients You Need

This will give you a master plan on how to turn your pet sitting business into a referral magnet.

  • How to get noticed by your prospects and how to engage your customers.
  • How to create the “know, like and trust factor” with your customers, so that you make more sales.
  • How to set yourself apart from your competition so that you become the only logical choice in your market.
  • How to attract a slew of ideal clients, so that you can work with the people you truly enjoy and who value your service and unleash those heartsick clients.
  • How to see immediate growth in your business, so you can take some time off and enjoy your life.
  • How to create your very own non-paid sales force, so that you don’t have do any hard selling.
  • How to become the authority in your market, so that you become the known go-to expert in your area.

9 Secrets to Building a Stellar Team of Pet Sitters

This is the blueprint on how to attract, filter, interview and onboard new pet sitters to your team of dedicated pet care professionals.

To make a substantial income in the pet sitting industry and to achieve the freedom based lifestyle you deserve, you need to leverage yourself through a team of heart-centered, pet care professionals who hold the same beliefs, values and pet care philosophy that you do.

This bonus is a swipe file, which includes my complete pet sitter hiring system, including my classified advertisement, job application, job description, interview questions, sitter interview system and rating sheet, sitter welcome packet, checklists and email templates.


Your Bonuses

Love freebies? So do I. Check out these extra bonuses that sweeten the deal!



Your first bonus is my Client Testimonial Request Swipe File. This is my foolproof method for easily collecting social proof that you can use on all of your marketing materials. Social Proof is a powerful marketing tool. Leverage it and see immediate results.


Monthly Planner!

For your second bonus, I’ve first included my Perfectly Planned Month. Every month you complete this workbook to create your roadmap for the month. You will review the previous month and clear on that you want to achieve and how to make that happen for the current month. Success happens on purpose. Plan for it!


Warm Letter Template

Your third and final bonus is my super simple client attraction secret. Send this Warm Letter to everyone you know on your contact list to create your very own unpaid sales force that sends you a continuous flow of referrals.

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