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Create Your Ideal Pet Sitting Client Profile

Create Your Ideal Pet Sitting Client Profile Before Mapping Out Your Pet Sitting Business Plan

Identifying who you want to attract as clients to your pet sitting business is the first thing you should do before mapping out your pet sitting business plan. When you know WHO you want to work with, marketing becomes so much easier!

There are numerous things that universally will constitute an ideal pet sitting client.

  • Those who you really enjoy working with.
  • Those who need your help.
  • Those that value what you offer.
  • Those who can easily be identified and contacted.
  • Those who will happily pay what you are worth without attempting to negotiate.
  • Those who write excellent testimonials for you.
  • Those who will refer you time and time again.

These are the types of people that you want to work with! They make your life and your pet sitting business so much easier to manage. When you have a client roster filled with these types of individuals, business becomes FUN!

As a pet sitting business owner, of course we are going to target pet owners, but that’s not all you should target. Pretty much everyone these days owns a pet and I can guarantee you that not every person will make a great client for your business.


So, your first step is to STOP marketing to and accepting everyone that comes down the pike as a client. When you accept everyone as a client it becomes difficult to differentiate yourself from others in the pet sitting industry.

One of the secrets that I’ve learned over my countless hours of business training is to become crystal clear on WHO my ideal pet sitting client is. These are the people who recognize the value of my extraordinary pet care service, are happy to pay for my fantastic pet sitting service and refer me all over town. See my article here about attracting non ideal clients.

For Pet Nanny it became very clear to me that my “regular mid day dog walking clients” were the bread and butter of my business. These were the clients that brought in the most revenue, gave the most referrals and were the most loyal.


Next, go through your database and write down all of the names of those people who are your “heart sick” clients. These are the people that nickel and dime you, who complain at every turn, who never give you any notice for scheduling, who cancel without notice and then want to be reimbursed, who text you in the middle of the night, who have filthy houses, who have aggressive dogs or cats, who never pay on time, who would NEVER refer you in fear that you may be booked when THEY need you. You get the idea. It’s time to put these people on either your DNS (Do Not Service) List or Last Chance List. Don’t be afraid. Once you let these non-ideal clients go, you are freeing up time, energy and pet care availability for those awesome clients who you LOVE to work with.

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Your Homework Assignment:

  1. Write a list of your all-time best clients (both past and present.) Now, write down their specifics. Their age, their sex, their income group, where they live, do they work, do they own cats, dogs, birds etc. Are they married or single? Do they have children? Do they own vacation homes? You get the picture. Now you have your Ideal Pet Sitting Client Profile. Nice work!
  2. Next, compile your DNU List and your Last Chance List. It’s time to make a promise to yourself that you will no longer do business with non-ideal, “heart-sick” clients.

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