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Stay-In-Touch With Your Pet Sitting Customers

If you want repeat business from your pet sitting customers, you MUST stay-in-touch with them

Before my business coach taught me this concept, it really never occurred to me. In my naive mind I only thought about marketing as a way to bring in new business. I certainly didn’t think about marketing as a way to create repeat business. This was not smart thinking!

Stay Top of Mind With Stay-in-Touch Marketing

The idea behind stay-in-touch marketing is to always be “top of mind” with your ideal pet sitting customers. Meaning, you want to be the very first person they think of when they’re in need of pet care or they hear of someone else who is in need of pet care. Most pet sitting business owners take this for granted and just assume that their past clients will call them. This is not always the case. By keeping in touch with your customers you can count on the fact that they will think of you when the need arises.

Stay-In-Touch Marketing Builds “The Know, Like and Trust Factor” With Your Pet Sitting Customers

There’s that “know, like and trust” thing again that I’m always harping about. If you stay-in-touch with your pet sitting customers, over time you will build a relationship with them. During your communications with them, they are learning more about you and will ultimately come to trust you and your pet sitting business implicitly. If you continue to build these solid relationships with your pet sitting customers, you will never have to worry again about the phone ringing. I can promise you this!

Stay-in-Touch Marketing Increases Your Pet Sitting Customers Lifetime Value (LTV)

What is the lifetime value of a customer? In short, it is the projected revenue that a customer will spend during their time with your business.

An easy math equation that you can use to figure this out is to divide your lifetime gross revenue by the # of lifetime revenue-generating customers.

LTV= Lifetime gross revenue ÷ # of lifetime generating clients.

By simply staying-in-touch with your customers, you will drastically increase the LTV of your pet sitting customers.

Here are some ways for you to stay-in-touch:

  • Ezine
  • Direct mail campaign: birthday cards, pet birthday cards, warm letter etc.
  • Handwritten notes: congratulations, sympathies etc.
  • Gifts: birthday, pet birthday, baby etc.

Remember, you don’t have to touch base with your pet sitting customers for a specific reason. You can always reach out to them just to let them know you’re thinking about them and their pets.

 Stay in Touch With Your Pet Sitting Customers

Your Homework Assignment: Create a system for staying-in-touch with your pet sitting customers. Who are you going to reach out to this week? Write their names down and get moving! If you are always consistent with this marketing strategy, you will always have clients.

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