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Soliciting Feedback From Your Pet Sitting Clients

Successfully gathering and sharing customer feedback from your pet sitting clients is vital to the health of your business and it costs you next to nothing!

Why is it so important?

  1. It is the responsible thing to do as a business owner. You should want to know how your clients are feeling about your service.
  2. Success is tied to businesses who regularly ask for feedback and then make the necessary changes within their business to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. It creates the know like and trust factor with your customers. Even if they don’t take the survey, they will be thrilled that you are taking the time and are thoughtful enough to follow-up with them.
  4. It increases engagement with your pet sitting clients. Most times the interaction of a pet sitter is with the furry ones. Asking for feedback gives you an opportunity to interact with the human client.
  5. Soliciting customer feedback can alert you to any issues that bother a customer and allows you to resolve them before they escalate into a full-blown complaint.
  6. Sometimes you just need to see things through the client’s eyes. Having another’s perspective is very valuable information for the growth of your business.

Here’s the Customer Feedback System:

    1. After a service has been completed, send your client an email asking them to complete a very short survey. Be sure to make mention that it’s very short, and leave a section where they can write comments.
      1. Try,, or www.gravityforms.
    2. Ask them if you can use their kind words in the form of a testimonial for your business. They’ve already written it, so, of course, they are going to say yes!
    3. Post the testimonial on your website
      1. Try and use a picture of the pet
      2. And always include the full name and town that your client lives in along with the testimonial.
        1. Studies have shown that people disregard testimonials that don’t include a full name.
    4. Repurpose the testimonials
      1. As social media content and images
      2. On your marketing materials
      3. In your email signature
      4. In your Welcome Packet
      5. On your order forms
      6. On a “What People Are Saying About “INSERT BIZ NAME”
      7. On your blog as the basis for an article
        1. Check out this article for help on that
    5. Send a thank you card with a small gift. Think Starbucks gift card or even a free visit or walk.

The Next Step

The next time you receive positive feedback from that same client, you will want to follow the same system, except this time ask them to post their kind words on a Review site. Again, you always want to send a thank you card and offer a token of your appreciation.

Your Homework: Create your customer feedback system. Document it and implement it.

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