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My Story

My Story

Colleen Sedgwick

Pet Sitting Business Expert
  • In June of 1999

    I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Special Education. I couldn’t wait to start my teaching career! Unfortunately, my first year of teaching didn’t bring me the satisfaction that I had hoped for. I was sick all the time and absolutely exhausted at the end of each day. I was stuck in this little tiny classroom day in and day out.

    I had to deal with parents who were impossible to please, and to make matters worse, my bank account did not reflect the hard work and effort that I was exerting each day. In a nutshell, I was completely unhappy. I knew that I had to make a career change, but I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do. My entire professional experience up until that point had been working with disabled children. I didn’t have experience in anything else.

  • The summer after my first year of teaching…

    I was enjoying a beautiful day at the beach with my mother. We were discussing my struggles with my career. She asked me the age-old question, “If you had the choice to do anything in the world what would it be?” In jest I responded, “I wouldn’t mind playing with dogs all day.” From there we turned that simple idea into my very own pet sitting business. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, both my parents assured me that I had what it took to start my own business and I believed them.

    I worked one more year as a teacher and in my spare time did nothing but work on Pet Nanny. I was obsessed!

  • In June of 2001

    Pet Nanny’s doors opened for business. Little did I know what a long, difficult road was ahead. I knew nothing about business. All I cared about was playing with the dogs. Not a great recipe for business success.

    For about two years I worked alone, pet sitting, house sitting and dog walking every hour of the day. Again, I was exhausted! Not only did I need help with the workload to maintain my sanity, but I also realized that doing all of the pet sitting visits was not going to afford me the lifestyle that I had dreamed of. I needed to expand and I needed to hire a staff, but I hadn’t a clue of how to accomplish this.

  • In 2005

    I made the conscious decision to either build this business or give up and go back to teaching. After careful contemplation I convinced myself that I could do it and went with option A… GROWTH! I read, read and read. I read any business book that I could get my hands on and attended any seminar that I could. I became obsessed with figuring this all out.

    It took countless hours of work and sheer dedication, but I believe I cracked the code to this business and I want to teach you! I don’t want you to struggle the way that I had to struggle. I want you to bypass the difficulties and jump right into the work that’s going to make you money, afford you extra time, and most importantly provide you with the career satisfaction that you deserve.

I’m dedicated to your infinite success.


Colleen Sedgwick is the owner of Pet Nanny-Pet Sitters of The Main Line, LLC; a thriving pet care business on The Main Line of Philadelphia. She is also CEO of Pet Nanny Coach; a company devoted to empowering and leading other pet care professionals to infinite success with their own companies. Colleen resides in Phoenixville, PA with her husband Billy, daughter Lucy and sons James and Connor. Billy and Colleen are the proud owners of a Terrier Mutt named Doc Watson and a Shishon named Eloise.


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