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How To Harness The Power Of Social Proof

Social Proof is one of the most powerful and low cost marketing tools that you can use for your business.

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What I mean by “social proof,” are testimonials and rave reviews from your current customers. The best part about testimonials is that they do all the selling for you, and it costs you nothing. Testimonials from happy clients will put your prospects more at ease about working with you.

First, I want for you to create a “follow-up and testimonial request system” to start gathering testimonials from your customers.

After each and every service order you will want to follow-up with your customers and gain their feedback. Then, if they were happy with their service, request a testimonial.

TIP: Ask your customers for pictures of their pets to go along with the testimonials. People LOVE sharing pictures of their furry pals.

Second, I want you to create a page on your website that is solely dedicated to rave reviews from your current customers.

Third, start posting the rave reviews on social media.

Fourth, go to and have an attractive PDF created with your best of the best reviews to give to client prospects.

Fifth, start showcasing your reviews in your monthly newsletter. Create a section called, “This Weeks’ Raving Fan!”

Your Homework Assignment: Create and implement the system that I just explained above in your own business.

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