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Is Everything Working on Your Pet Sitting Website?

Today’s video blog may seem like complete common sense, but after a recent experience of mine, when I couldn’t contact someone who I really wanted to hire it got me thinking… “is everything working on my websites?” I hadn’t tested my links, contact forms or web forms in eons and strangely enough, sometimes these super-important pieces of our websites stop working. I have no idea why or how, but it happens! It’s time to take an audit of your pet sitting website to make sure that the path from your customer prospects to you is clear and easy to navigate.

Pet Sitting Website Functionality Audit

#1. Test Contact and Subscribe Forms

If your lead capture forms aren’t working correctly you could be missing valuable leads, who could turn into customers, who could turn into revenue. This is very important! Test each and every form as if you were your customer prospect.

#2. Click on Your Social Media Profiles

Click on each of your social media icons to make sure they are pointed to the most current URL’s. Also, be sure to add any social media accounts that you may have started to use. For example, if you created an Instagram account, you will want to add that to your pet sitting website.

#3. Complete The Pet Sitting Website Functionality Audit above

Set a recurring calendar date for your functionality audit, and use this as a checklist to look at your website functionality. It’s likely 15-20 minutes of your time and it can save you all kinds of headaches.

#4. Click all Menu Items and Internal Links

If one of your pages or posts has a changed URL from the last update you did, did it update the navigation/menu properly? Also, be sure to check all of your text links and graphical icons to make sure they are working and directing properly.

#5. Click on Your Videos

Make sure that your videos are playing correctly. If not, then update the code from the 3rd Party (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

#6. Double Check Your Core Information

Have you changed your services, pricing or policies? If so, make sure all of that core information is updated on your pet sitting website.

#7. Update Testimonials and FAQ’s

These items are not meant to be static. They should be continuously updated on your site to keep it fresh and timely.

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