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How to Hire the Right People for Your Pet Sitting Business

Building a team of heart-centered pet care professionals is a crucial ingredient if you’re looking to multiply your pet sitting business, but finding the right people can sometimes be a challenge. Today, I’m going to give you some tips on what you need to have in place to hire the right people for your pet sitting business.

Avoid the Wrong People

You don’t want to hire people that are difficult to manage, or going to take poor care of your furry clients, or miss visits, or not communicate effectively with your human clients, or not follow instructions. But guess what? This happens all the time because you guys aren’t hiring the right people for your pet sitting business and you don’t have the correct systems set up to attract, hire, onboard and manage your team.

Learn From My Mistakes

In my day, I made every hiring mistake that you can think of. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and because of this, I made some very poor choices.

I hired people that were too young. People that were using my business as a pit stop. People that were terrible communicators. People who were dishonest. The list goes on.

I’m not telling this to you to scare you. I’m telling you this because there is a better way and I don’t want you to experience the same pitfalls that I did.

Step 1: Write an Ideal Pet Sitter Profile

You need to start by writing an Ideal Sitter Profile. List all of the attributes that you are looking for in a pet sitter. If you already have a roster of pet sitters, think about your A+ ones. Who do you love on your team, and what makes them great? Write it down. This is a manifestation tool.

Step 2: Map out a Pet Sitter Attraction System

Map out a system where you’re going to attract high-level people to your business continuously. So think about your Attraction System. What are you putting out there to get people to apply to work with your company? Are you fishing where the fish are? How can you get your company’s name and job opportunity in front of the right people?

Step 3: Design a Hiring System

Next, you need to map out the whole process of when a candidate applies for the position and for when you meet and interview your sitter candidate. What kind of questions are you asking them to find out if they are going to be a good fit for this company? Are you setting expectations about what you’re looking for in the people? It’s not just about if they would be a good fit for your company. It’s also about setting expectations… “This is how we do business around here and what is expected of the sitters on our staff. What do you think about that?”

For example, setting the expectation of their availability. Saying something like, “Yes, this is a great job, yes it’s flexible, yes if you’re an IC you create your own schedule. However, we do have an expectation of availability. If you take off every single weekend and every single holiday, this isn’t going to be worth your time, and it’s not going to be worth my time.” So right from the get-go, you’re letting them know what is expected.

Step 4: Create a Detailed Onboarding System

Then, if they go onto the onboarding stage, what’s the process? You need to have a system in place where you’re evaluating them. This is your opportunity to see how they interact and deliver before they’re officially on your team.

So map out your Onboarding System. What are you going to have in place that’s going to allow for you to evaluate them on how they’re going to be as pet sitters when you hire them?

Step 5: Plan Out Your Sitter Management System

You need to have an open door of communication to stay in touch and assess how they’re feeling about the position. How are you going to see if they’re happy? Are they having too many visits or do they have enough visits? How are you going to manage the team as a whole and be their fearless leader? Plan it out!

A Stellar Team of Pet Sitter is Absolutely Possible

As I mentioned, I’ve had some real doozies on my team over the years. But I can tell you that since I’ve learned all of this and created a Sitter Attraction System, a Sitter Hiring System, a Sitter Onboarding System, and a Sitter Management System, I have an AMAZING team of pet sitters who get rave reviews from my clients. Don’t kiss all the frogs that I did. Follow these steps to build your stellar team of heart-centered pet care professionals.


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