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How I made my first 0k in my Pet Sitting Business

How I made my first $100k in my Pet Sitting Business

I was told for many years that I could not make six figures being a pet sitter. The family told me. Friends told me. Complete strangers told me. I was told by current clients. I was told by everybody that it wasn’t possible.

But, I knew with my deep intuition that I pride myself on that I absolutely could do it. That was the first thing. I had to know, and I had to believe that I was capable of doing it. That was the number one thing. If you don’t think that you can, you certainly won’t.

How I made my first $100k in my Pet Sitting Business

The second thing is I stopped working in my pet-sitting business. It’s a straightforward equation. The more you can serve in your pet-loving community, the more money you will generate in your business.

But if only one of you is trading hours for dollars, you have a cap on the income you can create in your business. You need to leverage yourself through a team of heart-centered pet care professionals to help you serve more of your pet-loving clients.

The more people you serve, the more money you will make, plus give job opportunities to these other amazing people. It’s just a win-win for all that is involved.

So, two points. Number one, you need to believe that you can do it. And I’m here to tell you that you can. I am knighting you. I’m saying, “Yes, go for it.”

And number two, stop working in your business. Stop trading hours for dollars. Step into the CEO role and leverage yourself through an amazing team. That is how you’re going to get there, and that is how it will continue to multiply year, after year, after year. I’m so excited to hear about your journey.

Hey there, Newbie Pet Sitter! Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed with starting your pet sitting business? Fret no longer, my friend. I’ve got ya covered!

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