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Jessica’s attracting 25 new clients per month.

“Colleen’s program is priceless. She gives you everything you could possibly need to be successful in your business. We don’t have to recreate anything, because Colleen provides it all. The community is also invaluable. Learning with a group of other like-minded business owners with the same goals of scaling our businesses makes the process so much more fulfilling and enjoyable. We’re there to support and be happy for eachother.”

Jen built a 6-figure revenue in 12 months.

“Colleen’s class has been a game changer for my business. I was at a crossroads with too much growth and not having the proper systems and processes in place to support it. Now I am ready to scale with excellence! I really appreciate Colleen’s gift of teaching and organizing the course content into easy steps to help break things down so as to not get overwhelmed. I also love how the lessons build on each other week after week in a logical fashion. And I really appreciate how open Colleen has been with sharing her own business content, which saved us time as we were learning and made implementing the lessons so much easier because we could model our processes and procedures after hers. THANK YOU for everything Colleen!”

Beth has gotten herself out of the day to day grind of her business so she can focus on growth.

“I would not only recommend this program. I would say you’re crazy if you don’t do it! Colleen is so open and incredibly understanding of where you are. She meets you THERE!! Never once did I feel uncomfortable asking her anything. The tone is set from the beginning with Colleen. She is kind, generous with her knowledge and shares her heart with you. Colleen and her Mastermind Program are “worth their weight in gold.”

Instead of working around the clock, Ed now gets to spend time with his young family.

“The amount of value that is provided is truly staggering. Everything is laid out in a simple, yet powerful, series of actionable steps that have a direct impact almost immediately. Colleen has done the groundwork, we get to reap the benefits.”

Jen almost closed her doors, but now she’s increased her business revenue by 30%.

“I would absolutely recommend Colleen and her services. She shared her wealth of knowledge, years of experience and countless resources. The professionalism of all involved was refreshing. I also feel that Colleen is genuinely invested in our growth and success, not just in business, but in our personal lives as well. It was an incredible experience and I am forever grateful!”

April now knows that 6-figures is absolutely achievable and not just a dream.

“A lot of pet sitters go into business for themselves, but very few actually know how to RUN a business especially in this technological era. It’s vital that we stay in front of our target clients without doing the old school ways of thinking. Most pet sitters don’t know where to turn!!! Big businesses don’t understand our challenges. It takes someone like Colleen to teach us how to live the life we dreamed instead of burning ourselves out. I have learned it is possible!!”

Judy has expanded into 2 new markets and has hired 6 team members.

“I have been working with Colleen now for over a year in her Mastermind and the Scholars Programs. Colleen is down to earth and realizes that every business is unique in its own right but the implementation of techniques is the same. She goes above and beyond any coach I have ever worked with. She’s always available when you have a question, and if she doesn’t have the answer she helps find it. During my time with Colleen, I’ve hired 6 new sitters and have expanded my business into 2 new markets. The sky is the limit now! If you are thinking of starting a pet sitting business or already have one, working with Colleen is the best decision you can make!”

Kara has streamlined her processes to drastically cut down on her work time.

“Working with Colleen was the best thing I could have ever done for my business. The one on one support, plus the community of other like-minded business owners and their input was very helpful. It was nice to know that I am not the only one who was behind in times. She has taught me about marketing, hiring, how to create amazing customer experiences, Profit First, how to organize my business through Standard Operating Procedures, and how to hire a manager. I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.”