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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone to Move Your Pet Sitting Business Forward

Are you having difficulty moving your business to the next level of success and can’t figure out why? If so, I may have the answer for you.

I recently spoke to a pet sitting business owner who has been in business for 17 years, but has never been able to break the 6-figure mark. She said, “Colleen, I am lost completely on why I can’t get ahead with my business.” I then asked her what she has tried to do differently to move her business forward. She didn’t have an answer. She has been running her business the exact same way for 17 years. 17 years! She still has the same website. She has never hired anyone. She has never implemented any marketing strategies. So I asked her, “why?” Her answer was, “I’m comfortable with the way things are managed and nobody can handle my clients as I can.”

So, as you can see, she answered her own question. She has plateaued in her business because she is stuck in her comfort zone.

You see, magical things start to happen when you get out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is not a good place to be in your business because it means you’re not moving forward. You should feel uncomfortable. You should do the things that scare you.

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If you’re identifying with this, don’t be too hard on yourself. We ALL like to be in our comfort zone, but here is something that a wise person once told me. She said, “Successful entrepreneurs are those people that are willing to do what others are not.” Meaning, get out of your comfort zone and start doing what’s needed to move your business forward.

Your Homework Assignment: Identify your comfort zone. What are you NOT doing to move your business forward? Write them down.

You can do this! I believe in you!

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