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For The Newbie Pet Sitter

FACT: It is Possible to Have a Rewarding and Lucrative Career in the Pet Industry

It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Fortunately my friend, it’s not.

It’s my reality and it can be yours too!

I am living proof that you can create a purpose-filled and lucrative business based on your love for animals and that it’s never too late to follow your heart and live your passion.

But, just like launching any business, starting a pet sitting business takes planning, organization, and commitment.

You need to lay a solid foundation that can support your growth.

Below are some FREE resources that are going to help you start the pet sitting business of your dreams.

Go ahead! What are you waiting for? Start clicking!

Q. What type of person do you work best with?

I work best with enthusiastic individuals who are committed to building a successful business. As I am an action-oriented person, I prefer to work with business owners who consistently take action themselves and avoid making excuses as I guide them in creating the pet sitting business of their dreams. It truly overjoys me to witness motivated people who recognize their inner potential and business potential, and accomplish their goals.

Q. How did you go from “pet sitting business owner” to “pet sitting business coach”?

After experiencing success with Pet Nanny, I started to receive inquiries from other pet sitting business owners asking me for help with their own businesses. I gladly offered my words of wisdom, which in turn brought them great success. It was exciting and fulfilling to witness. I never really considered doing it professionally until the requests started to come in on a weekly basis. I then thought to myself… “Is the universe trying to tell me something?” Bottom line is that I have done extremely well in the pet sitting profession and I want to share my knowledge. I want others to recognize that they can have amazing success in the pet sitting industry as well. The pet care industry is cash cow and I have tons to offer and teach to those motivated individuals who want to tap into it.