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Excuse Makers aren’t Money Makers

Excuse Makers aren’t Money Makers

What I mean by this is that people are constantly telling themselves why they can’t take action or why they can’t make more money in their business. Or, as to why they can’t build their team or why they can’t build out their systems, are the people going to stay stuck.

Your brain will always tell you that you can’t do something because it likes you to stay nice and cozy in your current environment. It doesn’t like change. It likes continuity. It likes comfort.

These people are telling themselves these excuses and then believing they are the ones that are not going to move forward. You cannot be an excuse maker and make much money because you’ll always stay stuck. I hear it every single day, “Colleen. I can’t make money because I have too many people living in my house, and I can’t focus on my business.”

I coach them around ways that they can create boundaries and put a sign up on their door for when they’re working. The next time I talk to them, they need to implement the coaching because they still believe that initial excuse. “Colleen, I have more clients than I know what to do with, but there are no sitters out there to hire. The hiring market is terrible. It’s impossible to hire right now.”

Excuse Makers aren’t Money Makers

I, as the coach. “Well, that’s interesting. We just hired 12 new pet sitters. I’m not having that issue. Tell me, what’s your attraction strategy looking like?”

“Well, I posted on Indeed.”

Well, there’s a whole list of recruitment strategies in the Multiply Mastermind program that involve online and offline strategies. You’re only doing one of the 15 strategies. I suggest you implement three strategies the following week, three more, and so on.

Next time we talk, “Hi. How did the recruitment strategies work?”

“Well, I didn’t do them because there’s nobody good to hire.”

I have been coaching people for a long time and can give people all the strategies in the world. If they don’t implement it, it will not do them the least bit of good. I hope you get what I’m putting down here.

The biggest thing I see is these excuses. Excuses as to why I can’t take action. Excuses as to why I can’t hire, and so on. And the remedy to this is becoming aware.

Be the watcher of your thoughts.

I want you to write down all the excuses you are telling yourself about why you can’t do something, whether in your business or life. You’re going to be amazed, and if you can get to a point where you can say, “Oh, there it goes. I just made another excuse, but I will take action anyway.” You will start moving the needle in your business.

Stop with the excuses. They’re not real. They’re stories you’re telling yourself. All they’re doing is keeping you stuck.

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