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Everything is Always Working Out For You

Everything is Always Working Out For You

When I say everything is always working out for you, I don’t mean that everything in your life is going to be 100% hunky dory, peachy keen all of the time. That’s not what I mean at all.

What I mean is that when struggles appear in your life or challenges come to the forefront, you need to have faith that they are coming to you for a reason, and it’s most likely to help you stretch yourself, to move you into your future and to the next, better version of yourself.

For example, many moons ago, in the early ages of my business, I got stiffed on a $1,000 bill. I spent a week at this client’s house, I took perfect care of her pets and home, and she wouldn’t pay me. She ghosted me. I even went and knocked on her door, that’s beside the point, but the bottom line is I did not get paid. I cried.

I was like, “This is baloney. Do I even want to do this?” You know, the whole victimhood story we all love telling ourselves. And after a lot of thinking, I thought, okay, so for me to have a business that I feel really good about, what policy would I have to create and implement to ensure that this does not happen again?

That is when my prepayment policy was implemented. All of my clients need to pay four days before the start of service and keep a credit card on file. They’re charged, and service happens. And I don’t have to chase payments, and I have created a streamlined structure for creating payments and having the credit cards on file. And my business can run more smoothly, so I can service more clients, hire more sitters, and so on and so forth.

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So something that was very, very simple that I thought was the biggest deal in the world at the time, a challenge that came up, ended up teaching me a valuable lesson. I implemented something that changed the trajectory of my business. As small as it may seem, I attribute that one shift to starting things moving and understanding streamlining in your business.

So having faith that challenges and struggles are part of the process, and we’re all constantly changing, and we’re all bettering ourselves each and every day to become our future selves on who we want to be, and when things get tough, and you feel like, oh my gosh, this isn’t worth it, take a deep breath and just say to yourself, “Everything is always working out for me. I’m exactly where I’m meant to be now.” Try to release it. Try not to stress.

I know being a business owner is difficult. I know when people disappoint you, when you have a team member that doesn’t show up for a visit, or you have a client that leaves you a bad review, these things will happen in business. So if you can have a strong mindset and just say those words to yourself, I promise it’s going to be a lot easier.

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