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Don't Let the Fear of Online Trolls Hold you Back

Don’t Let the Fear of Online Trolls Hold you Back

Today, our question comes from a member of my Scholars group, and she wrote, “I’m curious how and if you respond when your pet sitting company is recommended for service in local Facebook groups. Do you comment on the person who recommended your service or comment separately? I hesitate to throw our name out there in these groups if we haven’t been mentioned since some people are not so nice.”

This comes down to fear of judgment, which we all have.

My answer to her was to comment on the person who referred you, comment separately, and DM the person looking for a fantastic sitter. Be proud of your service.

Don't Let the Fear of Online Trolls Hold you Back

Don’t let some trolls that are sitting behind their computers, who may say something negative about you, hold you back from getting your message out to the people that need you most.

When you respond, something you can offer is a PDF download of all the amazing testimonials that your clients have given your pet sitting company, or you can give them a high-value coupon. There are many cool ways to respond in these instances, but again, do not let fear of judgment hold you back from being so proud of your service and what you have to offer.

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