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TITLE - Create a Key System for Your Pet Sitting Business that Works for you

Create a Key System for Your Pet Sitting Business that Works for you

I posted in the Pet Nanny Coach community group a tip of the day: Have your clients stay in control of their keys. This topic gained a lot of passionate responses on both sides. Some people were ‘absolutely no way.’ Others say, ‘Yes, I’ve done this in my pet sitting business, and it works amazingly well.’ While others ask, ‘What do you mean?’

I tried every single key system known to man to keep my client’s keys organized. I’m an extremely organized person, but I didn’t feel safe, and it felt stressful being responsible for 2,000 plus keys every day. It gets worse when sitters are out with the keys, and some even misplacing them. That’s when I decided to create a system for myself and for my business that worked for me.

My clients have three options:

Option 1: Use a lockbox. The kind that realtors use.

Option 2: Use a hide-a-key with a garage code.

Option 3: Schedule a key pickup and drop off service.

Most of the clients opt for number one or number two. Some prefer key pick up and drop off.

QUOTE - Create a Key System for Your Pet Sitting Business that Works for you

The idea behind is the keys are always returned to the client, and they are not housed in my home office.

Whatever tips I offer for you for your business, do what feels right. Do what feels good. Your business, your rules. You can take my advice, or you can leave it. I’m just here to help and give you some tips on what I do, and what’s worked for me.


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