Policies and Procedures for Pet Sitters

Policies and Procedures for Pet Sitters are imperative for you to create necessary boundaries with your customers.


Would you like to avoid those uncomfortable discussions you have with your clients regarding your prices? Wouldn’t it be great not to have constant questions and emails regarding issues like… Why the sitter arrived at 12:30 pm and NOT 12:00 pm or why the sitter did not take all 3 dogs on their walk at the same time? Would you like to enjoy your evenings and weekends and not have that looming feeling of constantly having to be on-call for the scheduling needs of your clients?

Creating Policies and Procedures for your business will help solve these problems.

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What To Do When New Pet Sitting Clients Call For Last Minute Service

Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know, I live in The Northeast, in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Well, we just had a crazy week of storms that left most people in our area without power for many days. Some are still without, including Pet Nanny’s Client Happiness Manager, Sue. I was lucky enough to only have lost power for about 12 hours, so I was able to pick up the office responsibilities for Sue.

Side note: this is something that I really like to do from time to time, because it gives me the opportunity to connect with our customers on a one-to-one basis, which I don’t often get to do. Anyhow, I’m writing today because I was reminded of a very good rule of thumb that I seemed to have forgotten. Here it is…

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I am a Pet Sitting Business Coach!

My name is Colleen Sedgwick and I am a pet sitting business expert.

Hi there! I am the owner of www.petnannymainline.com, a booming pet care business located on The Main Line of Philadelphia. In short, I am a wife to Billy Sedgwick. Mother to Lucy, James and Connor. Paddle and tennis fanatic. Wine enthusiast. Pet lover. Business owner. Workout fan and someone that LOVES to have a good time.

Today is the day. I have FINALLY decided to take decisive action and listen to this little voice in the back of my head and in the back of my heart that has been telling me to help others reach success with their own pet sitting businesses.

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