Focus on the “Low-Hanging Fruit”

“Low-Hanging Fruit” are client prospects that expressed interest in your business, but have not yet converted to paying clients.

Building a pet sitting business is time intensive. We focus our marketing on getting leads and bringing in new clients, but what most business owners forget about are the prospects that have already expressed interest by calling in or emailing, but have never converted to a paying clients. These prospects are called our “Low-Hanging Fruit.”

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Become Your Pet Sitting Clients Problem Solver

Identify that actual problems that you solve for your clients

Ask yourself what it is you really DO for your pet sitting clients. What I mean by that is, what results and benefits do your pet sitting customers receive by working with your pet care company.

Pet Nanny- Pet Sitters of the Main Line provides true peace of mind to our clients by offering first-rate pet care and top-notch customer service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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