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Blogging Basics for Pet Sitters

Blogging for Pet Sitters

Before we get into the basics, some of you may be wondering what a blog is, and this is a place to share content about a topic you’re most passionate about. So, in this case, it’s pets, pet sitting, and dog walking.

A blog will typically include written and visual elements published in an easy-to-read article format so that visitors can swiftly browse and find what they’re looking for. In short, you are creating content to post on your website to attract ideal customers and convert them into paying customers.

So you have to think: “What content can I create that my ideal prospect, aka pet owners in your area, would find valuable?

You create the content, and you post it on your blog. You use different keywords, specific keywords that your visitors are going to be typing into the Google search engine, which is then going to bring them to your website. They’re going to say, “Oh my gosh, what an amazing article. This is so great. Oh, look at this business. This is my local pet center. I’m going to call them to book service.”

Know your keywords.

So what are your ideal prospects typing into Google and search engines to find a pet sitter in your area? Are they typing in pet sitter Wayne, Pennsylvania, pet sitting Malvern, Pennsylvania, dog walking Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania? So on and so forth.

So it’s what you do, the service you provide, and where you live, and then you can swap those. Where you live, plus the services that you provide. So make a long list of these keywords, then you’re going to create articles and content around those keywords.

Remember that you are writing for people.

It will help if you remember that you are writing for people. So often, you’ll get to a blog, and you’re like, “This is just stuffed with keywords, and this is not meant to be anything but a search engine article, and I find zero value in it.”

Remember, you have people that will be reading this article, so you do want to write to your ideal prospect at the same time as using the keyword, so it's a good balance.

Consistency is the next key.

You need to create the content consistently. Most pet sitters I talk to start a blog; they’ll write a couple of blogs, and they won’t do it for a year, or they may do it every five months. No, you need to commit to a weekly or biweekly schedule.

This will show Google that your website is fresh and new and not just a stagnant brochure-type website. That means you will be shown up on the search engine results. You’re going to be favored, so you’re going to come up much higher if you consistently take action with posting to your blog.

Keep the long-term goal in mind.

Keep the long-term goal in mind. Blogging is not a fast business growth strategy. It is excellent for long-term sustainability. So these articles and content that you create will help you and your business for years and years and years to come, and it’s a compound effect.

As you continuously write and create valuable content for your ideal pet-owning community, it’s going to build, and it’s going to have a long-term positive effect on your business.

Use good SEO practices.

Aside from keywords, great bloggers know that there are many techniques that you can use to bring in more readers, including linking out to authority sites within your blog.

Don’t overstuff your blog posts with keywords. You want the reader to enjoy the value of the article. The keywords should compliment the blog post.

Link out to authority sites within your blog.

Authority sites are well-known websites that have a lot of clout. And if you are linking to them, Google knows that this is a trustworthy site and will rank your content higher.

Link internally to other related content on your site.

Link internally to other related content on your site, and use graphics and sub-headlines to break up long text passages. You ever go to those sites, and you see a bunch of texts, and you’re like, “Oh,” and immediately click away.

So using subheads, bold text, and images will help the reader’s experience.

Take time to write compelling meta descriptions.

So this again will help with your website’s search engine optimization.

Create content that other sites will link to.

You want to be in cahoots with other websites with the same target market that you can link back and forth. That also creates authority and clout for your blog.

Regularly share your articles to your email list and social media platforms.

You need to get the word out, and you need to share. So take the time to share your articles with your email list and all your social media platforms regularly.

Mix it up.

Not every post has to be 3000 words. You can do different types of blogs. You can do videos, infographics, curated content, short opinion pieces, and audio. There are all different things that you can do on your blog.

Hey there, Newbie Pet Sitter! Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed with starting your pet sitting business? Fret no longer, my friend. I’ve got ya covered!

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