30 Ways to Get More Pet Sitting Business

30 Ways to Get More Pet Sitting Business
Most business owners think they shouldn’t market if their pet sitting business is flush with clients. This is incorrect thinking!

Interview: Pet Sitter Confessional

Pet Sitter Confessional Interview on ICs
I was recently interviewed by Meghan and Collin from Pet Sitter Confessional. What follows is the discussion of a wide

Holiday Marketing for Pet Sitters

‘Tis the season, pet sitters! Have you thought yet about your holiday marketing and how you can maximize your profits

Accountability Buddies for Pet Sitters

The concept of accountability buddies for pet sitters came into my existence years ago when I was part of a

How To Go From Being An Independent Pet Sitter to Hiring

Going from being an independent pet sitter to hiring your first pet sitter can be a tricky, but with a