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Always be Marketing to Always Have Clients

Do you ever feel like your business has peaks and valleys? Meaning, you may have an influx of clients for a few months and then all of a sudden you hit a drought, and your left wondering, “how did I get here?” This phenomenon is very common in small business, and it’s due to a lack of consistency with your marketing. So, what’s the answer?

Always Be Marketing So You Always Have Clients

Most business owners think they shouldn’t market if their business is flush with clients. This is incorrect thinking! To always have clients you must always be marketing. You must count on the fact that you are going to lose clients. People get laid off from work. They have babies. They move. They divorce. You should not count on the fact that customers are yours forever once they sign up with your service. You must implement a variety of marketing strategies to create a consistent pipeline of new business. You must also effectively market to your current customer base to increase customer retention. When you successfully do both of those things, your business revenues will increase dramatically.

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Your Homework Assignment: Map out you marketing calendar a year in advance, so there is absolutely no guesswork. You will know exactly what you should be doing week to week to attract new clients and to increase the revenue from your current customer base.

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