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About Your Comparison Monster

About Your Comparison Monster

Have you ever heard the term compare or despair? That means that comparing yourself to others can be a destructive thought process that you might not even be aware you are doing to yourself.

Many times, if you’re looking at a colleague and they have a business that is doing better than you, they have more revenue, they have a bigger team, they have a manager, they’re making more money, they have more freedom, all of these things and you say, “Well, why am I not there yet? Are they better than me? I must not be good enough. It must be my service area. I must not live in an area where clients are willing to pay that amount of money. I can’t find team members in my area.”

We start going into these destructive thought patterns where we feel like we’re less, and then we start creating stories around why our colleagues aren’t achieving what we are.

About Your Comparison Monster

So my homework for you this week is to pay attention to your thoughts and catch yourself when you are doing this. And instead of saying, “Okay, they are better than me,” say, “I am going to be inspired by them because they are proof positive that I can do it too.”

It’s a very simple shift. We all have the comparison monster, every single person on this earth. We’re human beings. That’s the way we’re wired. But you also have control of your thoughts, and you also have control of what meaning you assign to any of the thoughts that you have.

So this week, I am not going to compare. I’m going to be inspired because I, too, have great big goals of 10 timing my business. I want to create more revenue, I want to create more freedom, I want to grow my team, and I want to have more fun in my business, and they are doing just that. So I will work hard at the end of 2022 and into 2023 to have an amazing year. All right? Simple mindset shift.

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