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4 Steps to Making k a Month in Your Pet Sitting Business

4 Steps to Making $3k a Month in Your Pet Sitting Business

Today’s topic is the four steps you need to take to get to $3,000 months in revenue in your pet sitting business. There are two different frameworks. The first is Launch & Growers, which teaches how to get to your first $3,000 month. The second is my Multiply framework, which teaches you how to get to $10,000 months.

1. Get clear on your profit plan.

What is the business that you are creating? Is it dog walking, pet sitting, house sitting, concierge, or in-home boarding? Is it a combination of all of the above? What are you creating?

Next, what will you charge for these amazing services that you’re going to offer to your customers? How are you going to make money? And who do you want to service? Who’s your ideal client avatar? Getting clear on the exact customer you want to attract to your business is part of your profit plan.

2. Attract pet parents. Set yourself apart from the competition.

This is how you speak to pet parents. This is how you set yourself apart from the competition. Why is someone going to choose you and your business over somebody else?

3. Grow – Create your marketing system.

We’re going to create your marketing power wheel. Your marketing system, your marketing plan, and your marketing calendar so that you can put your marketing strategies on autopilot. Then you will consistently attract your ideal client avatar to your business weekly.

4 Steps to Making $3k a Month in Your Pet Sitting Business

4. Convert visitors into paying customers.

This is where I see so many pet sitters miss the boat. You need to have a pet sitting website that converts the visitors into paying customers to your pet sitting business. You need to file a whole recipe, so when somebody hits your website, it’s ding, ding, ding, ding… this is the person that I want to work with.

If you would like detailed training on these steps, you can go to, watch the training and download the workbook.

If you are already at $3,000 months, and you’re ready to get to $10,000 months, go to That’s where I teach you my 10K month framework.

If you’re ready to make your dream of owning a successful and profitable pet sitting business a reality, DOWNLOAD your FREE blueprint now.


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