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3 Daily Habit to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

3 Daily Habits to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life

I’m going to open up and let you guys know some of these strategies that I have done and that I still do that have attracted great abundance into my life. This year, I will be talking a lot about woo woo stuff because that’s part of who I am. I’m all about tangible business strategy, but I’m also very spiritual.

Today are the three daily habits to attract more abundance into your life.


You need to create more space in your physical environment to attract more abundance. If every drawer is stuffed and filled, there’s no room for anything else. Getting into the daily habit of cleaning your desk and cleaning out your physical space is one of the easiest ways to attract new abundance into your life.

Write your goals out on cards.

3 Daily Habit to Attract More Abundance Into Your Life


I want you to write them as if they already happened, and I want you to be grateful for them. For example, I am so happy and grateful that I have created consistent $10,000 months in my business. Thank you, God. Thank you, universe. Thank you, Buddha.

This, my friends, is my first set of goal cards that I wrote in 2011 that my coach told me to do. You choose the word that you use and that you connect with. You’re going to write them down on your cards, and then you will read them several times a day. The idea here is that we are imprinting them on our subconscious mind. We’re trying to reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance. Every single thing in this deck has come true.

I’m not even joking. I was like reading through. I’m like, “Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.” Amazing. Do this. All right. Write them down. Say them over and over again every single day.

Track every bit of money that comes into your life every day.

Open up an Excel spreadsheet or a Google sheet, and I want you to write every deposit that hits your bank account. If somebody gives you a bottle of wine, I want you to count the value. So, say this is like, okay, that’s $20. If someone offers you to see a concert, the value of the ticket. If you find $2 on the road, I found $40 in the airport the other day. I would put that on my spreadsheet. So, the idea here is what you track grows. It is a universal law.

Get in the habit of doing this every day and watch the abundance flow into your life.

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