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2 Challenges For The New Year

The calendar will soon be turning to 2015. This is my most favorite time of year, because as I talked about in my last post, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the current year by celebrating my successes, but it also allows for me to learn from my mistakes and then let them go. A new year is a clean slate. It’s time to start fresh.

So, in 2015 I have 2 challenges for you.

The first challenge is for you to bring balance to your life.

The life of a pet sitter is usually one of total chaos… Running around, walking dogs, cat sitting, house sitting, pet sitting, dropping off keys, coordinating schedules, answering phone calls, returning phone calls and emails… The list is endless. This life leaves very little time to work on your business or very little time to enjoy your life. The lifestyle that most pet sitters lead is also the reason why so many bail on their dream of being an independent, self-employed business owner. They realize that the grass as a “business owner” wasn’t exactly greener.

So, I challenge you to sit down and set goals in all aspects of your life for 2015. Not just your business life. Some areas of your life that I would consider setting goals for would be:

  1. Your spirit
  2. Your health
  3. Your relationships
  4. Your finances
  5. Your business

Then for each goal, write an action step that will help you get started on the path of achieving your goal. For example;

  • GOAL:  Lose 10 pounds by 3/1/2015
  • ACTION STEP: Commit to strength training 2x’s per week. Sign up for Sargent Training.

If you do this, it will help you to start to build some balance back into your life. We all need time to step back and recharge, so don’t discount the importance of the non-business aspects of your life. Make time for yourself. Remember, only you can take care of you.

My second challenge is for you to create goals with meaning.

Really think about why it is you want what you want. Think about why you got into the business of pet sitting in the first place and then connect with this big WHY. Your “WHY” is what motivates you to achieve your goals and it is what will keep you motivated in this next year when you hit any unforeseen bumps in the road.

If your “WHY” is to have more free time for yourself, but you’re working 15 hour days, 7 days per week, then it’s time to rethink what you’re doing. If your “WHY” is to make more money, but you’re actually making way less than when you were working your full-time, corporate job, it may be time to rethink how you’re doing things. Goals without the “WHY” are like empty promises. You must understand and connect with your “WHY” and what motivates you and inspires you to construct the life that you want and stay on course.

Your Homework Assignment:

  1. Set your 2015 goals for all aspects of your life.
  2. For each goal, write down an action step to help you get started.
  3. Pinpoint then connect with your big “why.”

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